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PRESS RELEASE/Jack le Brocq – Photo: Velocity Magazine (Darin Mandy) – 2019 Adelaide 500

·         Jack Le Brocq returns to the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit for his second time aboard the Truck Assist TEKNO Racing Commodore

·         2018 best Albert Park qualifying: 18th, 2018 best Albert Park race result: 20th

·         2012 Australian Formula Ford Championship at Albert Park: round winner with two victories and a second place

·         Le Brocq made his first Grand Prix event start aboard a Formula Ford in 2010, his national Formula Ford debut

·         Following the season opening event in Adelaide, Le Brocq sits 22nd in the standings

·         It will be a home race for Le Brocq, who resides in Melbourne

Q: Moving on from Adelaide, Albert Park is a totally different type of race track…

“The Grand Prix is a really cool round, it’s got the prestige of being a Formula 1 event, and it’s awesome to be racing on that stage,” said Le Brocq.

“It’s great that Supercars now have it as a championship round, it’s always good to be racing for something.

“It’s a long old track with a real mixture of everything, fast, slow and in between, so it’s a challenge to find the right compromise with the setup.

“I’m looking forward to it!

Q: One event down with the new transmission, and it appears to have been a non-issue.

“It was actually really good, it was nice and user friendly, from my experience anyway.

“I rate it – it’s a bit better, especially going down the gears in the way that it catches up and is a little bit more forgiving in terms of rear locks and rear chatter.

Q: It’s also one weekend down with your new engineer Tim Newton.

“It’s been good, we’re chipping away in the same direction.

“He has found a few things with the car already, which should help out at the Grand Prix.

“He’s motivated to get on top of it all, so things are looking up!

Q: The key to Albert Park.

“It’s a very flowing track, there are a couple of tight corners thrown into the mix too.

“There are a lot of right/left combinations, so you need to be able to flow the car through some of the faster sections to get a lap time.

“With the big long straights, there’s often a compromise with the car speed on the way into the preceding corners to give you a better run out.

“It’s an interesting place, last year was the first time I had ever driven it in a Supercar, and it’s certainly pretty eye opening in terms of how difficult it is to piece a lap together, but all in all, an awesome track.

Q: The event has a unique format with four 10-minute long qualifying sessions.

“It certainly spices it up and adds a lot of pressure, you really only get the one run to set a lap, with the length of the circuit there isn’t typically enough time to pit, fit tyres, and have a second go.

“It’s also a place where there is a big gain with new tyres, so if you do stuff the first lap up and try another, you’re going to lose a good half a second in tyre performance.

“So, the pressure is on to get it right first time.

Q: Last year there was the unintended night race in the wet (race three), how did that pan out?

“I remember at one stage I was firing into turn one, and I reached to flip my helmet visor up, then I realised it was already up!

“It was interesting, it was a bit hard to see some of the apexes around the track while dodging puddles in the dark… at least it was cool with the photos, being able to see a few flames coming out of the cars!

Q: You had some success there in the past, winning the Formula Fords. The F1 podium must have been pretty cool?

“Back in 2012 we raced at Albert Park in the Formula Fords and had a couple of wins and got to stand on the top step of the Formula 1 podium.

“That was pretty cool, definitely one of the coolest podiums I’ve ever been on, and I made the most of it – a bit of fun!


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